Kiwi Shrub Blind Tests

Andre and I tasted the vinegar/fruit concoction after 5 hours of refrigeration. We documented the experience and did not share with one another. We smelled the shrub before we tasted and considered the various characteristics, feel, initial taste, after-taste, the size of the vinegar bite and whether we found the sugar to vinegar balanced. I had a friend who started a massive candle operation who told me about the cold throw and the warm throw with regard to the scent of a candle.. The cold throw is the aroma the candle produces when you pull off the top of the jar, before it’s lit. The warm throw is the the scent of the candle as it’s burning. It’s something I never thought about before; that the scent of a candle can be very different depending on whether or not it’s lit. We didn’t heat these shrubs. I just wanted to share that. It seems somewhat analogous.

img_2372Tonight marks the fourth day the mixture has been in refrigeration. Andre and I pulled out our notes from the other day but did not read them. Still, without sharing, we tasted again and recorded our findings. What we did share and agree on was that the shrub characteristics did in fact change after a few more days of refrigeration.
We will test again this Sunday. In the meantime, I began making a pineapple shrub.