What is a shrub? Part II

So, it seems like whenever I tell people I am making shrubs I’m missing something in my explanation. I know it’s me. It’s always me. But I can’t figure out how to make it understandable.

To me, a shrub is a soda or cocktail base. It has fruit and vinegar in it. That’s it.

Shrubs were conceptualized long before refrigeration when peeps wanted to preserve their fruit. They added vinegar to it to keep it going longer. Wicked smaht (Massachusetts accent. I can say that because I live here. Don’t even try it). To reiterate: shrub making is an awesome way to use up some fruit that is turning. Don’t throw it away! Shrub it! Shrub on!

Usually in conversation I keep answering the same questions about my shrubventure.

“Is there alcohol in it?”

No. You can put alcohol in it. That’s pretty much the purpose of a shrub but you can use it as a soda base or drink it on it’s own if that’s yer thing.

The follow up is always “So, what about… what about if I mixed one with like soda water? I have one of those Soda Streams and I might like to use it with that….”

Yeah. It would make a nice non-alcoholic drink for a school night or before a 5k. Def.

735ec6d6-f822-48a0-b033-be1825b02e70The other day my sis and I went to a swanky inn up in New Hampshire (da Hamp. I can say that because I lived there. You can use it. I’ll let ya). They are pretty progressive for New Hampshire (I’m just the messenge-shire!). Their cocktail program (I love to say “cocktail program” as much as I love to use parenthesis right now) had a lot of cool, inventive mixology on it. Some typical “Moscow Mule”, “Caiprihana”, and my new favorite… um…. I can’t think of my favorite… paloma? palermo? (What’s with you and that Connie Palermo chick?). Yeah, it’s “Paloma”… they may not have had a Paloma but they had some version of Paloma. And I ordered it. And chugged it but quick.

Anyhoo then BOOM! There on the list the ingredients to a drink that I would never order because I never have – a Pimm’s Cup with a shrub ingredient! pimms-cup-2

Get this though, the spelled it “shrubb”.Why? Is the b silent? Typo by the typee?

So I had to ask: “What kind of shrub(b) is in your Pimm’s Cup?” (And can you put it in a soda base? JUST KIDDING!).

Answer: “It’s just a regular shrub(b)”.

Insert frown face. She went on to say “You know apple cider….” and in my nervousness I responded “Oh, yeah yeah yeah…. right. Thanks”. I wish I let her go on. What is the matter with me? My years of cocktailing and waitressing kept me from asking further. I also could have asked to try it and compared it – sustain the research and development on this game.

I could have learned something! And maybe taught something!

To be fair, the bartender was super friendly and attentive and seemed like a pretty nice person to hang around with quite frankly. I blame myself.

“It’s just a regular shrub” became the catch phrase for the rest of the weekend.