I got a little busy

Starting a business (or businesses in our case) is time consuming! Wow!

While working hard to keep working hard, we were conducting a ton of experiments with our shrubmaking. Our main goal is to find the right recipes for our shrubs to that they are credible bases for in-credible cocktails.

Some of the experiments we are conducting:

  1. Which vinegars work best for which fruits?
  2. Do we really need to keep the mix in the fridge for at least a week before using, as we’ve read? How does the process change during a week? Or more?
  3. Is the cold process truly best or could we employ the hot process for better results for certain fibrous fruits?
  4. Do I have to placate Andre and name all the shrubs after Grateful Dead songs? (answer: no)

We’ve been taking good notes and drawing some common conclusions.

For instance, the pineapple shrub I started – I found that apple cider vinegar is going to change the color of the shrub after only 5 days. This is fine for at home but for marketing purposes, not so good. Who wants a brown pineapple bevy? Not me!

Also, white balsamic, while strong at first, can mellow after a week and really balance well with pineapple.


Just sayin’


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